Machine Learning Group

Welcome to the Machine Learning Group (MLG). We are a small group of researchers with shared interests in machine learning. We work on a variety of topics spanning theoretical foundations, algorithms, and applications.


13 May 9 ICML 2017 Papers by MLG. Congrats!
06 Apr Boston Globe features 6.036: Introduction to Machine Learning
(featuring Tommi Jaakkola and Regina Barzilay)
20 Jun   T. Broderick co-organizing Statistical Inference for Network Models Symposium at NetSci 2017
Feb '17   Prof. Tamara Broderick receives a Google Faculty Research award. Congrats!
Jan '17   Prof. Tamara Broderick holding a Simons Institute Tutorial on Nonparameteric Bayesian Methods in ML.
Jan '17   Prof. Stefanie Jegelka holding a Simons Institute Tutorial on Submodularity in Machine Learning: Theory and Applications.
Fall '16   Welcome new ML graduate students!
Dec '16   Suvrit Sra holding a NIPS Tutorial (with F. Bach)
Dec '16 MLG members organizing 4 NIPS workshops: [1]; [2]; [3]; [4]
Aug '16   18 papers accepted to NIPS 2016. Congrats!
May '16   8 papers accepted to ICML 2016. Congrats!

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